Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Living without an address, am I saving money?

Ever since getting the notice that our landlady wanted her house back, I've been in overdrive to find housing that will support my family and my goals well into the future. Today Caitlan did me a great healing and helped pack up, this final morning at the shabby motel.

I got a phone call a little bit ago; there's a loan for me to sign over at the title company.


From trying to empty our old house, to starting our "exodus" of moving from one to another dwelling, have I saved any money?

One month expenses, in a house in Alameda:
$2100 (shelter)
$450 (food)
$250 (utilities)
$200 (transportation)
= $3,000

One month on the road:
$770 (shelter)
$900 (food)
$0 (utilities - even the shabby motel had free wireless internet!)
$330 (transportation)

That's interesting. I am "saving" $1000 this month, living in motels, asking for shelter from my friends and family, and adding wear and tear on my vehicle, my marriage, and my relationship with my kids. My friend Gray pointed out that living like this is fine for bachelors, but not for families. While I'm pleased to know that my family and I have enough flexibility that we are able to weather this storm, I'd have to agree. There are certainly far better ways to save money than by getting evicted.

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