Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, January 28, 2007

De"fence"less community

We removed the fence between the two yards Saturday! Chickens and small children promptly spilled over into the new area.
Combining the spaces doesn't yield a simple arithmetic doubling; the two yards together feel three times larger than before.
The olive tree in the middle of this picture is the first thing Hank planted when he moved in, 9 years ago. Unfortunately, it is now in the middle of the path between the two yards! In true permie fashion, we're looking at the principle of "the problem is the solution." Perhaps we can use the tree as a way to focus a path, or as a "traffic calming" object.
Xena points out that it was entertaining (and not necessarily in a good way) how many Mariposans told her what they were going to do in our yard, now that they had access to it. I understand they are excited. We are too! And I'm hearing their plans as hopes and dreams that invite conversation.

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