Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, August 19, 2005

3... 2.. 1. GREIT pictogram

God knew I was ready to have my own business before I did. He arranged the Universe to move me out of corporate life and into entrepreneur life.

With this salvo from my landlady, is God sending me a message it's time to move the Home of the Future Project forward in a big way? I have complete trust in His plan for me. The same trust Peter had when, in the boat, he dared Christ to call him to walk on the water.

Like Peter, once I'm actually walking on water i get terrified.

I'm willing to bet that I was moving too slowly for Him, or (more likely) in the wrong direction and so once more, God is arranging the Universe to push me forward. I'm choosing to get up on this wave and ride it.

This illustration depicts how this sustainability demonstration project and lifestyle dissemination might be structured. There's an initial property that gets retrofitted using green practices, permaculture, zero-energy and all the other rescue-western-people-from-their-gluttony technologies we've got.

Folks come in and take away things they want to do in their own homes, to reconnect with their own families, with their community, to the greater natural world all while reducing their impact on the planet.

Other people decide to use green practices in their remodels or new builds. Or they decide to incorporate a wild backyard. Or even...

They'll want to set up the next project home in their community.

There's an investment opportunity here, obviously. And when we reach three or for dwellings, the possibility of forming a "green" REIT becomes worth considering. The niche market would be acquiring maintenance deferred homes and multi-tenant dwellings, retrofitting them green with the help of future tenants, and then partnering in the ownership of the buildings with the tenants, helping people move away from the renters' treadmill at the same time they move towards living within a smaller ecological footprint.

Pretty cool, eh?

Apparently God thinks so too. He's sent me a kick in the pants to get moving.

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