Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sustainability Sunday - there is no "away."

When I discard items, I know there is no "away," as in I do not throw stuff "away." It's always going to a place. I saw a presentation at Permaculture class about India. They used to make tea cups and food plates out of soft clay and leaves. When you finish your meal, you throw the container "away," and it rapidly degrades back into the earth. Now that we've shown the world how to make life better with plastic, streets and stream beds are choked full of brightly colored trash, reminders of meals from the last five, ten, fifteen years.

As I pack up the home office, I'm finding lots of stuff that I wish I needed: ideas from five years ago, models of signs and transportation systems, folders of clients who if my business went in a different direction, we might have worked together.

I've been sending useful things to the places where they could be used, over the last couple of weeks. But I'm out of time. I've cleared out the useful/don't need it stuff, and I've packed most of the useful/I need it stuff, and I'm down to the low utility/don't need or want it stuff. Still, I'm sorry to report that there's a fair amount of stuff to simply throw "away."

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