Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The day is filled with gifts

I love the sunlight in this house this time of year. On a cloud free dawn, it shines right down the length of it. I think all houses should be oriented so that they make good use of the sun, to support emotion health as well as to take advantage of natural heating.

To those of you who are wishing me well as I start this next chapter titled "Looking for a dwelling that holds as much promise for our lives and well-being as the Universe wishes for us," I offer my deepest thanks and appreciation.

I'm going to go look again at that giant house on Central, as well as talk with the family some more about possibly moving to this tremendous opportunity in Oakland.

I had a very nice talk with Xena, during which I think I managed to articulate that the main reason I'd been working towards buying the house we're renting is because she eventually told me how much she loved it. The house on Central is a much more interesting building in which to explore sustainability. In order to make that dwelling fly, I need to find a couple of families who would like to be part of a TIC. Or one family, and an investor who has saving the world at the human scale in his or her blood.

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