Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, June 09, 2008

Uproot the piles and "plant" intentional space

Before the fence came down, there was a constant pile of yard debris leaning against it. Our neighbor Linton got especially crazy over it. He'd clear it out, and a few days later someone would trim up a tree, be wandering about the property, and apparently think to themselves, "Aha! here's a perfect, empty spot to pile yard waste!"

After the fence came down, the debris pile migrated to our side of the yard. It's out of the way, and I appreciate the biomatter accumulation. I'm weird that way.


A new pile developed in a different corner of the yard. Yep, piles breed piles. I had tried somewhat gently to get it gone and moved, but there were some bits of it that had some charge and I didn't have the oomph to deal with the charge and with the pile.

Long story short, we unmade the pile. Much of it wasn't ours. As I looked around the property, I came upon a baby pile. "Aha! A perfect spot to pile this stuff!" So I moved the broken, "Someday we could fix this and use it," stuff and helped the pile grow.

Knowing that piles have roots as deep and as hard to pull out as fennel, in the new empty spot we made in our yard, we put up a yurt. It's important to be proactive to keep the piles at bay.

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