Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, October 01, 2007

Thou Shalt

What I hear God say:

Thou shalt love Me above all others; I created you, I dwell in you, I know you and will strengthen you and bless you with an eventful life so you come to know and to love Me.

Thou shalt love the people I surround you with; I created them, too, I dwell in them, and it is through them you will come to know Me more fully.

Thou shalt live fully; I created you as a full partner in your life. Use your free will to explore, and encourage those around you to live fully too.

Thou shalt pause, and listen for My voice deep in your heart. Sometimes, what you hear will be dimly understood. Be brave: I will bless you to take risks. Have the courage to make mistakes and learn from them. I will grant you many chances to learn until the day I welcome you Home.

Thou shalt care for yourself, so that you are strong for the fun of coming to know Me through the events of your Life.

Thou shalt be happy. I love you; what more do you need? Rejoice that you are a co-creator in the dance of life!

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