Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Have fun with it.

"Change your perspective, change your life."

Thats the tagline of my coach, Merideth Mehlberg. Words I live by. Hire her to guide you forward. Right now, in my life, I am training myself to see all the parts and events that I am involved with, as pieces of an immensely, overwhelmingly entertaining carnival or amusement park.

Because, if I allow all the things I am doing and having done to me to be defined the way the world would, I look poised to be ripped to shreds. Overwhelmingly. I'm not really at liberty to write much of it, since most parts of most of the stories aren't my own. Someday I hope to have permission to share it fully. I think it would be inspirational.

I don't have time to accomplish everything that's on my plate... if I do it the same way I did it yesterday. Letting go, moving quicker, with less attachment and more trust, is what I'm learning. An example?

I gave a short presentation today. "Advertising is dead!" was my premise. For days, I've been building my case, trying to find the way to present this, while helping Caitlan move, cleaning the house, installing a new back door, designing graphics, spending the afternoon with the homeschoolers, arguing with Nick about getting his assignments done, talking at length with Xena... last night, I gave up and went to bed, thoroughly unprepared for today.

In the middle of the night, I awoke with a simple plan: guide the network group through our business card file, let them describe the cards and logos I've designed, educate them about who to talk with about my services; and in short, actually DO experience-based marketing rather than awkwardly use the old tools to teach them why the old tools aren't working anymore.


Six people from the group told me they really thought I'd done well, and one wanted to know how in the world I'd prepared for such a presentation.

So, Robert, learn this: you are strong enough, you do have enough time, show up and have fun with the "task" at hand, stop pushing for a specific result, and bask in the rewards and aftermath!

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