Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, July 27, 2007

Some things are just too glorious

So I was just thinking "would I like my Mom if she wasn't my mom?" Because we think the same way (except mine is more intuitive whereas hers is careful) but don't have too much in common, like she is focussed and married and smart and I am excitable and idealistic (not really, but that's what everyone calls it.) and pick up obsessions a lot. And then I was thinking, Why, she predates humans in space!

And and and, at some point most people (I'm talking about since our inception, not just living people) will not predate space travel, and and and, since I read somewhere that half of all humans ever are alive today (chills!) I bet it will be soon! This is so exciting! I think I have to become an astronaut, or a mathstronaut (or whatever they call the people on the ground who develop things) or maybe I could just design the interiors of space stations to be calming and homey with the illusion of spaciousness. On second thought that sounds best.

Aaaaaaaa space!

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