Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dancing on the edge of overwhelm

Okay, okay, I know I'd made a choice to stop seeking meaning.

I'm still going to notice warning signs, though!

Monday I took a leadership role at the Rooftop Resources meeting. Tuesday, my coaching session was easy but when I fired George in front of the Mariposa Grove community (per his request), I think that's when my reserves got used up. Wednesday (BNI early morning network breakfast day) I helped Xena with a mid-day car shuffle that took me out of commission, and Thursday I couldn't find my keys and couldn't find the charging cord for my razor. I was a day late on delivering a project. Very uncomfortable.

I've got people emailing me for link exchanges on this blog, I've got people emailing or introducing themselves on the street, asking for my help or to help with the retrofit project, I'm supposed to be leading a work party tomorrow, There's family stuff to be alert and sensitive to, I've got to prepare for the next meeting about the retrofit on Monday, I still have designs to deliver...

Misplacing keys and not being able to shave look like two rather apparent yellow alerts. I'd better take an hour or two to restore myself today. I'll keep myself strong so I can stay on top of all these wonderful opportunities.

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