Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can I be rescued yet?

I'm tired today. It's been about a year since I really began to put effort into this sustainability demonstration project.

Managing the fence work party, having a meeting about the condoization yesterday, going through the car shuffle and gyrations today, and striving to get enough money in the bank to cover the automatic payment that will land tomorrow, have all left me sort of wrung out.

Tomorrow the Cohousing Company is announcing some great new investor program, and I ought to be there... except I've already arranged a closure meeting with George and Matthew (the non-violent communication teacher). I think I'll stay on my tack of clearing the old crappy stuff before diving into new exciting stuff, even though this means the future might come more slowly for me. I'll be able to welcomr that future more gracefully, perhaps.

Tina's advice to take time for self was timely. Meditation was super easy this afternoon: I think that perhaps all this stress somehow actually puts me closer into union with God. My poor little brain is simply overwhelmed and says, "It's you're turn! I've done all I can do. I'm going to take a break and just let You minister to me!"

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