Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today I biked to a yarn shop in the morning before school. The sign on the door said the shop would open at nine, almost 2 hours later. I was going to continue on to school but first I went up to the door to look in wistfully. And the man cleaning the counter opened the automatic door with his hands and asked me if I needed something. "I was just wondering if your sign (I pointed to the sign about opening at 9) is right, or if you are open." "Well,what do you need?" I told him I wanted to buy yarn before school and he let me in! And it was not his store, it is a big chain store where they make a girl who only wants to buy beads or yarn surrender her backpack and then, if she takes a long time to evaluate choices,sends someone to workon stocking the shelves near her, or if they are stocked just stand there.

But not today! I took my bike in to the store so he would not have to wait there with the door and I found good boucle and I bought it and it was 25 % off. And his name was Brent, the receipt said. Brent's mojo is making people happy. (He might easily have other mojos that I have not seen)

And on my bike trip to school I thought more about mojos and passions and gifts and talents. Here is how I am defining them

Mojo- this is a special knack that you have had your whole life, something that comes really easily and you don't even think of it until you are reflecting later. You are never going to have to work at this thing and it surprises you when people do. It can be leadership, making friends, being on time, never getting injured despite doing injurious things, charisma, not worrying, excellent timing. My mojos are succeeding and being happy.

Passion- a passion is like an obsession but it fills you instead of draining you. It fills up your mind and your heart and makes you feel pleased. Also you never, ever get tired of it. Maybe yours is carpentry or reading or drinking soda. My passion is making things. (Note: you should indulge your passion really often and let it thrive.But also you should sleep, every night.)

gifts- these are different things that you are very good at for no reason, without special effort, and you might not even care about the gift. It is just like your ration of a particular skill is oversized for no reason. I can't think of any gifts I have. Maybe it is that I can remember things like dreams and conversations in full detail for years and years. Also I can spell.

talents- talent is something you develop, unlike the others on this list. A talent is a special skill that you devote so much time to thinking about that you get good. Talents are things like the things autistic savants can do. Or ice skating. Your talent probably involves other people's approval much more than your passion does. My talent is semantics in english- comprehending and manipulating words really easily.

So everyone has got a different mix and different intensity of talent, gifts, mojos and passions. And you might want a different set (It would be interesting to have an organized and clean living space or find math fun) but you are seriously going to have more success and a better time working with the ones that you own.

Will you tell me yours? I am not compiling a comprehensive list of every talent ever, but I think it would be interesting to know.

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