Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Saturday at the Plant

My permie friends Steph and Nik have a very cool project going. I spent some time out there last weekend. It's on 12th street in Oakland.

Little story: I have a contractor friend working on a "green building" project, and the first thing they need is to find someplace else (other than the job site) for 2300 cubic yards of dirt. I just calculated it out: that's a cube 40 feet on a side, of dirt. Or, nearly 1 and a half acres of dirt one foot deep. He's emailing all around for folks to take it, so it won't go to the landfill, which is admirable; but it's still going to pump a few tons of CO2 into the air, driving all that dirt someplace.

I'm contrasting that with what is happening at the Plant; they needed material for a wall, so they dug it out from on site, and the hole is becoming a pond. Pretty nifty! I beliveve the term for that is "regenerative design," although it's also an aspect of "increasing edge" and "crenulation" as you take a flat place and make it bumpy.

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