Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, September 10, 2006


(not a group photo)

I was backpacking in Yosemite on thursday and friday. On some bridge there was a group photo. Group photos are more census than art, and so i am not very interested in them. Since then I have been focussing on and getting annoyed by all of the thougands of classification systems i am part of. I see that they are very important but i resent them for their sponteneity supression. Both of those words are very hard to spell.

I do not like how mandatory language is for functioning in life. (I adore semantics and languages but i wish it was not so widespread). In the book 1984 the linguists shorten the list of words so that fewer nuances and fewer concepts can be expressed. They use limiting language to limit thoughts. But i am not so sure that is what would happen. It seems that if i could stop thinking and communicating in words my thoughts would go from broad to boundless. Very often there is not a precise word for a thing. Or sometimes i can make a long chain of words that really does capture the thing, except for the feelign of the chain and the length and the sounds are not right.

I am feeling sort of trapped.
Numbers and dates and graduation requirements and age and distance and names and letters and addresses and money and passwords and time and adjectives are all so inflexible. They make me tired today.

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