Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, September 01, 2006

Garbage in a dumpster

Okay, look at the things I did and made at the blog because it is kind of fun.

Today was the best day! Rather like yesterday and tuesday, actually. Today was the best day because my Andy made a little house at school. Home sweet home, the childcare center on campus, was getting rid of ten thousand things- felt, pictures, envelopes, cots, tables, chairs, dolls, and a sculpture labed uncle ned.

The tarp was so hard to put up! Andy couldn't, so I spent last period working on it. I looped the tarp rings onto the chain link fence and tied dowels to a stick and a pole and put the opposite side tarp loops onto the dowels. But the sticks wouldn't stay steady in the gravel so I got an empty paint can, a filing cabinet drawer, and some big asphalt chunks.

I also made a little gnome for the fort's garden- one of the monster dolls was facedown in some gray exterior paint and so I picked him up by the ankle and dipped him in the paint bucket. The historical precedent went very badly, but I really didn't want smelly gray paint on my hands, so I compromised by dipping a stick in the paint and painting his foot.

I love forts. I think it would be pretty fun to be a squatter, not long term but for a semester or a summer.

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