Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, April 08, 2006

This blog is about to get FAR more interesting

What could be more exciting than sorting clothes at 11:00 on a Saturday night? Sorting clothes into categories related to moving, that's what! I've got a "move these to the new house" box, a "give these away" bag, a "no one could want this let's make paper out of it" bag, and a suitcase.

We are working very hard to vacate the premises according to the landlady's schedule. She's been really great for the last four years, and moving back to this house is hard on her and her boys. What's that you say? Not my problem? Of course not, but I have compassion for her.


Eh, I had to just toss that in. My rational self is still realing, unable to fully understand that we've managed to get this far, in the purchase of our own home. I'd been looking for a great opportunity, so our landlady evicting us is easily seen as a sign that we're on the right track.

As happens, even if things continue along in this surfing the avalanche mode, we'll be technically homeless for a couple of weeks. So I'm packing seven days worth of clothes, to carry around with me. Hmmm, I'd better check that the children have packed real clothes, too, and not merely 3 days worth of swimsuits and their Easter clothes.

If I were allowed to blog Xena's story, I'd tell about how she kept acting as though I was handling the details of the move, when clearly she is the one with the mind and skills to do that sort of thing. For example, I got storage containers delivered a week ahead of time, but didn't rent a handtruck. I've been gathering boxes, but didn't get packing tape. After three days of her frustration at my lack of skill, she finally figured out that she needed to bring her strengths to bear on the task. Life's been much smoother ever since. I need to figure out how to unleash that power sooner.

But since I can only blog my own story, I'll just mention that being homeless during Spring Break is probably as benign a homelessness as you can experience. I will keep working. We'll go spend time with my mom, who as recently as Christmas was taking my children aside and telling them what a great president George W really is, and the media just work and work to make him look bad. I love her, and she loves us, and so we choose to enter into each other's lives and rub like rocks in a tumbler. We'll be well-polished when we're done! We'll also spend a little time with our friends Dannielle and Ron, who love and support us in ways far too numerous to mention here. Watch this space for pics of 6 people living with one bathroom soon!

I've also got a great line on some studio space, for the end of April and early May. We're treating all this moving around as though it's a crazy little vacation. A vacation that might end up with us living in our new home!

Just one last note: We're in contract!

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