Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sustainability Sunday: Biodiesel Planning Meeting

I've spent much of the last year getting my own act together. It's very easy for me to overtax my body and mind when I get into pursuit of a worthy goal. Naturally, as I become more and more overcommitted, I lose the ability to do anything at all. What sort of sustainability can I create in the world if I can't even honor my own body's carrying capacity?

I've been loosely associated with the Berkeley Biodiesel Collective. They model a society that I want to be part of. They are considerate of their own capacities and those of others'. A couple weeks ago, we met to chart out the coming year's activities. We made breakfast for each other, we laughed and visited, no one promised to take on any duties they couldn't comfortably fulfill (and in fact, people would check an over-eager member: "Let's think about how much time and energy that's really going to take") and although we started a little late, the meeting ended on time.

I am always very impressed by people who can listen, and I had the great pleasure of sitting at table with 8 people who all have that skill. Side-talking is discouraged. An idea without any support, even if it's a good idea, doesn't get a pity vote-- everyone knows that if it's a good enough idea, someone will fill the void and take it on. They also are organized without a "leader." Anyone who wants to lead on a given project, leads. It's a gathering of equals, even down to the running of the meeting.

I've agreed to coordinate a "transportation solutions" event to coincide with the annual Park Street Car Show. I'll contact Donna Layburn of the Alameda Marketplace and see about using one of her parking lots to showcase biodiesel, electric, and possibly ethanol vehicles. I suppose if a fuel cell car shows up that's okay, but the hydrogen economy is a false road, leading towards even more of the same of what we've already got.

Have I the reserves to be husband, father, entrepreneur, and captain this event? While living all the ways that I'm discovering? I hope so. I feel like I do. Obviously, I'll be writing about it!

Okay, now it's your turn to post on your blog about how sustainability figured into your week. Add a comment here, I will come read it, it will inspire me with ever greater enthusiasm, and I'll add you to the Sustainability Sunday Blogroll!

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