Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cast loose


I've popped loose from the world, free from the realm of cause and effect.

At first I thought something was wrong with me; why can't I do anything today? Then on a quick walk, I realized it's because everything is already perfect. Everything, from a green leaf dropped to the sidewalk ahead of autumn's true chill, to an old man valiantly struggling to climb stairs with his cane, to drivers caught up in the rush and hurry of being between.

Is this early enlightenment? Have I rejected the world enough times, that now the world rejects me? My balloon is free of the ground. I dance along the lowest level of heaven, noticing the inner joy bound up in all creation, and delighting in it.

I have no desire to dip back into the illusory maelstrom of past and future. I'm enjoying present far too much.

Part of me knows that I must somehow find a way back into the world, because I have promises to keep. I'm nearly infinitely bored of those promises, although promises are where spirit links to spirit for most people. I'm present in a place where I am connecting directly. Can I find the courage to get back in the pool? Golly it feels great to be here. I wish I didn't have to do anything but abide here.

Can I reenter the world, bringing this present with me?