Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Breakthrough and breathe

On Sunday, at Mass, Fr. Tony showed us that healing and rebirth begin by facing up to our current reality. I use this blog to examine and report on healing my broken places. I don't have a healthy relationship with money. I'm a money agnostic. I don't know what my own right relationship with money will be when it is revealed, but I am 100% committed to allowing it to unfold and let my family be blessed.

Money has been so tight we'd have to take out a loan if we had gotten a flat tire. Over Christmas, I'd helped focus everyone on quality time rather than on gift getting/giving. That worked great: I feel we had a good, non-consumerism Christmas, plus we owe now $400 less on the revolving credit than we did before the holidays.

I've also been very careful with directing the flow of dollars lately, making sure that I don't mistakenly overcommit money in one area or another. Today, I see a reward from that: The revolving debt is current, all the bills (save one) are at 30 days or less, and finally the big one:

I have a positive balance in both home bank accounts as well as my business account. Double-digits, but positive!

Deep breath, and gentle release.

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