Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

HNT - undercover telephone

I've shared a secret for HNT before. Today, I share a weakness. I HATE THE TELEPHONE. See my brave smiley face? Today I've brought you to bed with me and my phone. I need to change my attitude towards the phone. Afterall, my clients appreciate it when I call them back!

I don't care for music through headphones. I can't stand aural info through just one channel, either. I prefer to have the phone on speaker phone. It is physically painful to me to have those tiny, tinny voices delivered right into my ear canal. It takes me as long to recover from a phone call as I spent on the the call.

Somehow, I have to overcome this. It continues to influence how I am perceived as a businessman. I'm an excellent designer and a really good person. No one seems to understand how tremendously painful and difficult using this "modern convenience" is for me. They just care that I call them back in a timely manner.

Even my wife doesn't get it. Of course, she does just fine on the phone, even with her hearing loss.

I'm hopeful that as I confront this and bring my best willingness to change, I will uncover a new, friendly relationship with the telephone.

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