Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I have the energy for this?

Okay, Universe, what does it mean when I get my nose rubbed in it, over something that I can completely show that I don't deserve, but the actual life lesson is appropriate in situations that so far I'm the only one who knows they are broken?

It's like when I was a boy, and I'd get disciplined over something that was not my fault. Mom would say,"Well then, it's for something I didn't catch you doing." And of course, there was always something that she didn't know about, so I'd go ahead and suck it up.

Is this a mild way for the Universe to teach me my life lessons? By building a mountain out of a molehill and examining it with others who care about me, so I can apply what I learn into where I am surfing the avalanche? Was Mom channeling a Universal action for my life path?

oh-beer-thirty is too far away for this. Maybe I'll just check into an institution.

Maybe I'll rise to the challenge.

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