Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Recover some strength

I'm thinking of regularly posting a tally of the number of "tolerables" that I'm carrying. These are jobs, promises and maintainence items, which for one reason or another are stalled.

I'm still learning how much energy it takes me just to support all these things: the upstairs toilet which needs a new valve, the burned-out cruise control in the van, the RTF format my email uses is incompatible with some of my clients, the niggling little "Oh, could you just make this small change on my (business card, logo, website, newspaper advert) for me?" which I had every intention of doing for my special client/friend but have somehow missed a key bit of info needed to help me complete it... on up to big things like a specific project which has been stalled because I haven't been calling a couple people to get their RFQs fleshed out... whew, it's tough dividing my attention among my spiritual development, my marriage, my kids, my clients, and the volunteer stuff I do.

Taking a vacation has become an excuse to stop doing any one of those things and catch up on the others!

Jobs sometimes extend past their due date. It happens. (shrug) I generally have no control over the specific circumstance (sometimes a client takes too long to get back to me, sometimes an official stops a project for a little while, sometimes a subcontractor has an unanticipated issue). What I'm working on right now is staying very alert at those times, and exerting some pressure until the blockage gives way and I can start working again.

Today I took forward action on four (note to self: puels!, 5,owa, 5ejo+s, pala^aq) and finished one! (wqe). I also worked a little bit on the home of the future project, and nurtured my self and my children. Oh! And I paid some bills too. I don't think I could list how many "tolerables" I carry in my personal life. (quick mental count: catalogued 28 in 60 seconds)

The number of client-related "tolerables" I'm carrying: about a dozen. They weigh me down. I cleared one today, and so I'm a bit lighter. I'm a bit stronger.

As I clear them out, I'll get closer to sustainability at a personal level.

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