Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, October 27, 2005

half naked remembered

Okay, so maybe I remembered HNT late, maybe I'm remembering summer, who knows? This pic is of my son and niece dropping into The Stampede at Mustang Waterslides. It's at Lopez Lake in Arroyo Grande, and when it's hot, boy-o, you're happy to pay for two little slides and the extra fee to plunge down Stampede.

I noticed that even here, in a backwater attraction, the dynamics of "coolness" acted on the local teens. Working at Mustang Ranch makes you an A-lister. Caitlan noted: "It's kind of sad, because they wouldn't even be noticed somewhere bigger."

As I strive to make my own mark on the world, I like to think that the joy brought to thousands of people each summer, by the youth working at Mustang Waterslides, counts for something.

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