Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Nice day

There's some sort of wisdom buried in today, but I'm too wonderfully weary to seek it.

Walked Nicholas over to Peets and refilled the coffee bag and bought him a cinnamon roll, using a gift card. Abundance operating in my morning!

Spent a couple hours in the AM with the local EV group. I was the second youngest in the room. Buncha old farts who don't buy gasoline anymore. One man has driven 100,000 fuel-free miles.

After lunch, went over to the cob project. Got plenty of sun, plenty of exercise, got to talk about the dawn of my transformative practice with the Drive with Grace self-project, did a good job all around, spent hours with some of the most wholesome and honorable people on the planet-- including the neighbor boy Charlie, who I know from a previous connection. One of the Indigo children (like my two). I was one of the oldest people at the project. Bought dinner at the taqueria still covered in cob, but wasn't shunned by my fellow humans. Perhaps the warm happy glow of community and hard work trumps being covered in dried mud.

Now off to the Penguin movie with the family. How much fun can one man squeeze into the day?

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