Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, July 23, 2005

4000 free miles

I just got back from testing the Sparrow. I drove up to Merrit College and back (plus a little trip over to South Shore to refill the family's water bottles). I drove 15 miles and used 47% of the charge. (current odo 2829.9) I used 16.1Ah. I think I worked out the math correctly and determined AP&T will reimburse me for 12.6Ah/day. That's over 11 miles of driving for free, per day.

Merrit College is just outside these free miles, but just within the current range of the car. It was sort of interesting watching the juice get used up so fast climbing the hill (steep!), and so very slow on the way down (I used up 3% of the charge driving downhill between Merritt and Fruitvale Station). This little car would easily get up to 70mph on the downhill. Hope the brakes last!

Anyway, over the course of a year, getting reimbursed for 11.7 miles per day means more than 4000 "free" miles. In a gasoline car with a 30 mpg rating and fuel at $2.60/gallon, it would cost $340 to drive those miles. In my van, it's $600 of fuel.

I think I look more handsome when I'm saving this kind of money.

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