Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Commuting Rant

Lately I have been getting annoyed with people who complain about their lengthy commutes. 2 hours of time shaved from each day is a lenient consequence for choosing an overly large house much too far away from your chosen place of work.
There is nothing at all wrong with consolidating housing into a densely packed, smaller region. Public transportation is more condensed and less expensive, roads are hugely less resource consuming if everyone lives a high density lifestyle, and obviously plumbing, electric and all of that are so much easier and less expensive to provide to an urban group than a spread out group. And the same goes for people who complain about high gas prices. When your shoddy decisions have forseeable undesirable results, it is karma, and you are not supposed to whine about karma. This was not a very edgy rant.

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  1. Caity,

    Not very edgy for a rant, but certainly very aware about the consequences of sprawl. How'd you get to be so smart? Thanks for being on this journey with me.