Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, June 27, 2005

Find the "right" private transportation

Your #1 task is to clearly define what you want in transportation. This is 100% analogous to drawing up a flowchart before you write a single line of code. Once you clearly define your "problem" of moving from point A to point B, then you will know which vehicle is for you. The following all start with the idea that you're all done driving on gasoline.

Trips to the store and back? Someone else to maintain it? Get a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle). 25 mph top speed (limited by a microcircuit and legislation, not by any physical constraint), 20 to 50 mile range. Often these are a family's third or fourth car.

Net-zero-carbon vehicle? Unlimited mileage? Get a diesel and run 100% bio-diesel in it. You will be driving one of the "cleanest" vehicles on the road, since the CO2 was already in the atmosphere before the soybean absorbed it.

Freeway speed? Love to be your own mechanic/electrician? Buy a carcass and some plans and do your own EV conversion.

Mostly neighborhood driving with the ocassional freeway hop? Never more than 15 miles from home? Want to get stared at all the time? Always drive alone? Find a Corbin Sparrow.

High reliability? New car smell? Zero emissions around town and unlimited highway driving? Your answer is a Toyota Prius with the aftermarket plug-in adapter (grid recharger) that is out of development but not quite in the market (watch for it!).

New car smell and the convenience of filling up at home, but no pesky $10K NiMH battery pack to replace? Get a Honda natural gas Civic and install a "Phill" in your garage. This device condenses the natural gas you use for your stove into fuel and pumps it into your car during the night. Get a 200 mile range, on a petro-fuel that's 100% domestic!

So there are some of your options. Plus keywords to search on. Let me know what you end up with!

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