Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sustainability Remodel forward step

I just met with Chris Paganelli, owner of Top of the Line Builders. We had a great conversation about green building. My project is his dream project! He wants in. He understood that it would be a showcase piece for him to bring future clients into, to show them not only his quality, but also to educate them about possibilities. He had to shut me up at one point, his eyes glowing with hope, "You don't have to sell me. I get it. I'm usually on your side of the table when I talk to people about this sort of project."

What we both noticed on the Green Home Tour was that very few of the dwellings treated the house and the lot and the municipal infrastructure and the neighborhood as a system. Does putting a cork floor in your kitchen make you "green?" He's very excited that there could be a demonstration of how all the components come together to yield a gestalt.

This makes me excited too... it's great fun to have someone come along and say "I've been waiting for you. Because I want to carry some of this load."

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