Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, May 21, 2005


The 12th annual KFOG Kaboom! sure was fun! Last year, I had a near peak experience there. This year, I just sort of hung out.

Kaboom, for those who haven't been, is a big party the radio station throws in May. They set up piers 30 and 32 with a live music stage, about three hundred portapotties, and at least five each of vendors for garlic fries, roast corn, teriaki on a stick, and beer, wine, and margharitas. In a nice move towards sustainability, all beverages were served in cornstarch cups this year.

It's free to get in and listen to the music and watch the fireworks. In years past, the kids have made balloon animals to make money for the concessions. This year, only Nick and I went. Well, actually, about 50000 people went, but Nick and I were the only representatives from our family.

I like looking at the people looking at the fireworks. We were right up at the edge of the pier, so Nick got to see the fireworks barges for the first time. I got to see a sea of humanity, all thralling to the fireworks and synchronized music soundtrack. I'll tell you what, once you experience fireworks with a soundtrack, your hindbrain expects all future displays to be like that.

They did a great job with the synchronization this year.

When we first moved to the Bay Area, we found KFOG. And in that first year, Kaboom! wasn't on our radar screens. In fact, the first time we saw it, I took the kids over to Alameda's beach and we turned on the radio and watched the fireworks from five miles away.

I've become so much more adept at knowing what is important, and helping it to happen. Nick is big on traditions, and Kaboom! has become a tradition. So even though Xena was sick and Caity had hostess duties at a function for her high school, I knew I had to get over to SF and brave the crowd, for Nick's sake.

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