Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Likely not Lupus

I've discovered where my motivation went.

I dammed it up! I was contemplating my loss of power, and I realized it's from my choice to dam up my passion! The details are mine; suffice it to say that Spirit has been working on me for years, and as the energy grows ever closer to reconnection with Spirit, it's manifested as various ailments. First below my heart, then in my chest, then my throat, and now in my head right around the plane of the third eye... so the rash and light sensitivity are certainly just due to the overwhelming energy dam I'm working to release, as it pauses here.

Well, I have finally chosen to release my passionate side. I'm committed to doing this gently so I do not become Volcano Bob.

In just one day, people are already noticing, and the response has been 100% positive. No innapropriate behavior yet! Thanks, God.

Here's how this will matter in the day-to-day. When I tell people about the sustainability project, and they get excited, my response will no longer be a dismissive "Well, I'm glad you're excited, it sure would be great if I could get the right people excited. Too bad this is so much effort, isn't it?" Now I enthusiastically trumpet a life-affirming:

"Thank you for being excited with me! Wow, this is going to be so great, isn't it?"

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