Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, May 15, 2005

90% of anything is attitude

And I wonder if it could even be 100%.

Sustainability is having the resources to proceed indefinitely. Obviously, everything gets used up, but even a "closed system" like the Earth gets a continuous supply of energy from the sun. So the constraint is really how long it takes to replenish the resource.

Attitudes are 100% replenishable.

My chiropractor got a hit during our last adjustment that I was low on EFAs so I went straight out and got a small bottle of Borage oil. After a week and a half, I can report that while my rash still itches/hurts/is sensitive, the skin looks better.

I've also discovered that my vision is currently highly responsive to my mood. Thursday, I was up on all my deadlines, feeling powerful and potent, eager for what tomorrow would bring: and I noticed that my eyes were strong enough to be wide open in the bright mid-day sun, and I could read street signs with perfect clarity. I knew attitude was important. There's an aspect to all this, about body systems like my vision becoming responsive to conscious control, that I would like to explore sometime. Is there a downside to it? What if I want my balance to keep being automatic? There are so many body systems that run without our conscious awareness. Isn't my body smart enough to know how to keep my lungs full of air? Can't I just retrain it out of lazy habits? Do I really need to take conscious control?

Here, I illustrated the range of vision impairedness I currently exhibit: from nearly perfect to rather imparied. I tried to capture how my astigmatism looks to me, on the right. Makes you want to blink the goop out of your eyes, doesn't it?

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