Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, October 27, 2008


I just received this testimonial from a client who is an accountant:

While I am proud that I am doing my part to help the environment by producing my own energy, as an accountant the purchase had to make financial sense as well. I was able to finance my [solar power] system and I now my monthly loan repayment is lower than what my PG&E bill was. In addition to saving money each month, I now have protected myself from future PG&E rate increases. But perhaps the biggest factor for me was is that several car manufacturers are racing to start selling plug-in hybrid vehicles.  In the next few years I expect to be able to use the electricity I produce to power not only my home, but my car as well. The potential for significant gas savings are the icing on the cake. And since I am on the time of use schedule, my rates are low at night, when I would charge my car, and high during the day, when I am not home and the sun is spinning my meter backwards at the higher rate. When I put all of that together, it just didn't make sense not to get the system.

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