Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Season

"Rabbit Season!"

"Duck Season!"

"Do you want to shoot him here, or wait till you get home?"

"Shoot me now! Shoot me now!"

Actually, Birthday Season isn't full of pronoun trouble. It's just full of birthdays. Caitlan's, my Mom's, Xena's, mine, Crafty Girl's, and more!

Karl and Nini threw a great party yesterday for their daughter. Crafty Girl turned 5; a landmark to be sure. Karl strung fabric streamers about, Nini made party favors and invited the neighborhood and friends, and Karl got the grill going. Several moms and a grandma turned up with about a dozen kids; the mood was quite festive.

Betsy overheard our crazy hermit neighbor, who has until now never had a nice thing to say about anything or anyone and whose porch overlooks our driveway, tell her friend, "They had the nicest birthday party. They had hotdogs and cake, and circus decorations and costumes. The little girls were so sweet."

The ripples of goodwill continue to swell outward.

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