Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, July 14, 2008

Work Party

We had a work party Saturday and Sunday. Originally it was scheduled for just Sunday, but at the planning meeting it became clear that half of us were available Saturday. I helped on Saturday.

Would you expect that a child safety product, such as this gate for the top of stairs, to be well made? With a little bit of quality control? Instead of a slat clearly not fully assembled? We expect so. But apparently the QC gene isn't the same as the child safety gene.

Jori made the common house porch a little bit more safe. He looked good doing so.

Although Linton doesn't live here anymore, he still has a big smile to share as he helps Betsy and Aaron install mirrors in the movement space. I guess once a community member, always a community member. And of course, work parties are always fun.

Jen installed safety bars inside the low windows in the common dining room. Child safety!

Here's what I worked on. Okay, I also got to go do the shopping for supplies. I hate shopping, but I knew I could get everything in one stop and I also felt that my schedule was the most flexible. And it gave me a chance to engage in the spiritual practice of doing something I didn't want to with an open and gracious heart.

I installed the countertop on these drawers. Aaron helped for a while. That's why it has such a nice little contour cut around the window frame.

One odd thing: about 11 am I felt a great disturbance in my soul. I sequestered myself and dropped into a deep meditation without any effort. I don't really know what was going on in the world, but I could tell it needed praying for. Afterwards, I was sort of cast adrift feeling. But I was careful with the power tools.

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