Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, July 31, 2008

GOP "Winning Formula" Costs Us Dearly

How is it that US citizens can keep falling for the same party line? Obama didn't bring us these high gas prices: it's the policy and decisions of the big-oil backed GOP. And now they want to tell us the solution is more of the same? More drilling? Really?

Are we tired of more of the same, yet? Do we really think the people who got us here, have real solutions for getting us out of here?

The GOP and the reactionary Right have established a winning formula: get people angry, off-balance, unable to think critically, emotionally upset and vulnerable, and then "sell" them a "solution" that does nothing more than add dollars to the wealthiest people while subtracting quality-of-life from the working poor. Aren't you tired of being manipulated, yet?

We have an amazing opportunity to restore our nation, to become a people of hope rather than fear, to focus on all sorts of really important issues, and the election is going to be decided on the price of gasoline? Really?

I cannot believe this is so hard, people. Wake up. WAKE UP!

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