Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, May 16, 2008

House meeting agenda item

"What's this agenda item about some bike-packers coming to visit?"

"Well, only if we want them to. I met them at Make Faire. They're a cute couple, Ryan and Mandy, who are traveling about, making a documentary about sustainability, community living, simpler choices, that sort of thing. I promised I'd ask all of you if they could come visit."

"Is there some issue?"

"I certainly don't think so. I love getting filmed and interviewed-"

"Me too!" "So do I!"

"-but since they'll be sharing the shower, at the very least, and probably the kitchen too, I felt like I better get all of our input."

"Do we have room for them? Our veggie-oil bus fills quite a bit of driveway."

"Oh, they're on bicycles-"

"Ha! HA! Let's keep inviting more and more people, as long as their transportation fits in the remaining space on the driveway!"

"If I don't feel like being filmed, I'll just hide in my room."

"I'm sure we can work out the shower arrangement."

"How long will they be here for?"

"Overnight? A day or two?"

"Oh, well, then of course they can come over!"

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