Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Building with urbanite

The elevation change between the two yards, all of about a foot, used to be held in place with a great chunk of concrete. The willow has broken it into chunks weighing from 500 pounds to well over 1800 pounds. We used 5 men to move the first, smallest piece about 8 feet.

This piece we used two men and my wife, Xena. Aaron provided excellent supervisory support. This block was heavier, and we moved it about three times further. It is now a nice little sitting bench at the end of one of the raised beds.

"The difference," said Karl, "Is this time I knew we could do it."


The difference is this time there was a girl on the team.

(She's camera shy, so in the photos she's the one behind the camera. Karl and I are just posing. We really can't move that 600 pound chunk of urbanite on our own, even with the rollers made from the plum tree trunk)

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