Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get back on the horse

I'm cautiously eager to start blogging again. Of course, so much is going on all the time, that leaving a gap like this means some events will be lost. Oh, well. If I start, at least I'll avoid descending into a shame spiral.

Caitlan came home from school for a bit. "Daddy, why haven't you posted about the solar panels? Or the garden? Or the laundry room? Or the gray water prep-work? I can't believe that I had to come home in order to find out what was happening!"

Okay, so my housemate Karl has a solar panel array. It's from his BM installation "Wigtown." It's currently running the backyard LED light strings. We installed it onto the fence posts that we didn't cut to size when we moved the fence.

Newsy-news: The Mariposa Grove folks got their condoization approved! Yay!

We're having some drama with the bees.

We had a fair amount of water intrusion. Karl and I poured concrete, I replaced a sump pump, and the problem stopped. Of course, so did the rain.

Living with little girls means lots of screaming. Sometimes just for fun. For them, not for the rest of us. I hate that I can't listen to 90s rock after hearing all that shrieking. My nerves are just too jangled.

Self-care after the big meltdown is proceeding. It's been nearly two months. I have a couple of new self-regulators now. One is being able to feel when a request or event is going to pull me off-balance and tip me towards overwhelm, before I commit to it. Yay! My inexperience with this ability gets interpreted by others as alloofness, lack of compassion, and even laziness.

But all it really is is self-preservation. I'm learning how to say "yes" to the things that are truly mine to say yes to.

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