Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kachina Katrina

Julia Roll came over and helped introduce Kachina to the bees. It was raining, so they didn't do much. She might come back to help harvest some honey. Sorry about the crappy picture; my camera has started acting up.

Kachina moved in about two months ago. She's been super flexible with her living arrangement. The back room of her studio is the community storage, which sort of sucks for her, but we've got plans to solve that.

She's just now getting her space set up so it works well for her. She's got that fun/funky design sense you might expect from a twenty-something who spent some time working with Portland's City Repair project. She vanished into the bowels of Urban Ore last weekend and came back with this gorgeous wall cabinet. Her friend Danny installed it. He will also help us put a new door on her studio. She really needs one; the current door is drafty, and it makes her room cold, and she gets cranky when she's cold.

Other than that, she's amazing, a bright spirit with powerful networking talents. She works for the Urban Alliance for Sustainability. She's my helpmate for planning the seminar series that I've been dreaming of having at the Home of the Future for the past two years.

She's also my number one cheerleader when we are at an event. I often find myself being grabbed and planted in front of someone while Kachina says, "Have you met my friend Bob? He's got a community, shared housing project where he's doing urban permaculture. You guys should talk."

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