Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Graduates

Xena and Caitlan have both graduated.

We're all pretty tired.

I'm confused about why we had to have a senior in high school, a senior in college, a middle schooler getting beaten down by his classroom environment, a new house and a covertly hostile roommate all in one year. But that's how God arranged the opportunities, and that's how I played the hand I got dealt.

There's witty, wry stuff that happened around the events of graduation, but my hippocampus is fried and so I'm suffering from amnesia induced by too many things to track. But I did enjoy my mother's visit (she went back home with eggs, honey, and plums) and my father-in-law's visit (he went home with the memory of seeing his eldest daughter finally graduate).

I am going to break my agreement that I only blog my own story so I can point out that it's not through any lack on her part that Xena is just now getting her Bachelor's. It's been a roller-coaster ride of odd convergences that has lead her to earn something like 800 college credits while completing her undergrad. I'm fairly certain she was the most educated undergrad at the ceremony yesterday.

I nearly blew it, BTW; I lost track of time as I was doing laundry and while I arrived on time to see the ceremony and to visit with Xena a bit before the thing started, she had already had a bit of a panic. So now there are rules about what else can be scheduled on commencement ceremony day.

Congratulations, Xena and Caitlan, I'm super happy for you both and proud to know each of you.

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