Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bush, Castro, USA, Cuba

I reacted poorly to President Bush's insensitive remarks about Castro's poor health. So I'm glad I waited a couple of days before writing anything.

Bush might sometimes look like he's a caring person, but true compassion isn't something you turn on and off, depending on who you're looking at. I'll describe two lakes as a metaphor: the lakes look the same, wide, clear, gentle waves moving across the surface, but one is fed by a river that flows through a coal mine tailing, and the other by a river that flows through a pristine meadow. The one lake is toxic and the other good to drink from.

Bush's waters run deep, and toxic.

In any case, "opening Cuba to democracy" must not include returning them to an oil-based economy. They are doing quite well, thank you, in their post-carbon economy. Oxen plow fields, urban gardens feed people, there are more teachers per student than in US schools, and their literacy rate matches ours. Health care is still free. They've weathered their revolution and our economic embargo.

President Bush should have said, "Let's invite the economic leaders of Cuba's post-carbon economy to our nation, to teach us how to thrive and prosper without foreign oil imports."

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