Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chris Bartle, Green Key Real Estate

Met with Chris Bartle at Café Flore at Market and Noe.

"Yeah," he agreed, after a few minutes of coversation. "The well-to-do have access to being 'green,' but you're out of luck if you're a renter." He understood right off what I'm inventing (what a relief that was! I remember 5 years ago, no one could fathom what I was talking about!), and gave me some great contacts to follow up with. One name I already had, one I didn't, but now I've got an introduction from Chris to back me up.

My mind springboards towards new understandings about the project after these meetings with people smarter than me. The take-aways after meeting with Chris:

1) Make a business of pairing social and environmentally aware small investors with below-median wage earners to help people buy homes near where they work (and near where all the services are), to help slow down the spread of Sprawl

2) Set up a coalition of green property redevelopment businesses (real estate, mortgage, architecture, builder) to retrofit properties into the cores of eco-villages

3) Offer Urban Permaculture training so that people are taught how to live in a sustainable, socially just manner.

I really like that each of these can move forward by itself. Yes, there's synergy if I get them all going forward, but I can see how I can offload some of the work and stay in my role as inspirator, with this division of tasks.

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