Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've lost 16,000 pounds!!

The Geo and the Sparrow make nice with each other.

"Hi! I like you. You're small."

"You're pretty small yourself. What the heck are you?"

"I'm an electric car. We're not all dead, you know, even though the movie suggests we are. I'm helping to solve global warming. What do you do?"

"I get about 200 passenger miles per gallon when I'm transporting 4 people."

"Wow! That's better than me! My numbers work out to be roughly 30 passenger miles per gallon. But I get much of my energy from renewable sources such as hydroelectric. So I'll be driveable well into the post-carbon age."

"Me too, me too! DuPont and BP are coming out with a biofuel that runs in gasoline engines! Even if it's $5 per gallon, since I get 50 miles per gallon, I'll still be more cost effective than you!

Allright boys, that's enough, it sounds like you're about to start bickering.

We drove out to Vacaville, where we traded the van one-for-one for this little Geo Metro. The final service the van did for me was to carry that few hundred pounds of carpet I scavanged. Thank you, Quest, you served my family long and well.

The "newsed" Metro has an intermittent clutch problem. We knew about it going in to the deal. I'm simply so thrilled to have reduced my CO2 emissions by about 8 tons per year, that replacing the clutch is a small price to pay.

The cool comparison thing is found at

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