Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I like to make things.
I do not know if everyone is like this, and I don't think they are like this to the same extent.
When I make a thing, like a hippo toilet or a pair of salvador dali wedges or an apron, that item makes me extremely happy compared to the equivalent from a shop or as a gift. The knowledge that I have the capacity to make something makes me cling to it less. If I made one, I can make infinitely many. I could lose or throw away or give away the purse or socks and the idea of them still makes me feel good. Content.

So on craftster there are beautiful necklaces made of cds. You take a cd, microwave it for 5 seconds, cut it into wedges or squares or whatever, then oven it at 300 degrees for 5 minutes, then poke little holes. Then attach them with rings. I could buy one on etsy, but it wouldn't be mine, you know?

But I am turning 18 month after next, I can not just endanger the microwave recklessly!
So I went online and found our microwave at, and yes! I can afford one! Ha ha!
So that is for tommorow.

Also I really need a toothbrush bracelet- you boil a toothbrush and then wrap it in a towel and bend it into a bracelet.
And the craftster girls stop using it as a toothbrush at that point, but that's not my style.

Because that's called form over function, and it's not cool.

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