Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, July 17, 2006


I haven't been able to get internet in my house, not for 3 weeks, and I missed it, especially as some of my friends I never see in summer and only look at their blogs. I wish I could have the internet, but if I have even passed biology 10 it is because I didn't. You see, I love the internet, and although I could have looked up things that were questions on the study guide but not in the textbook's index, or the other textbook's index, on wikipedia, that sort of thoroughness would slow down studying in such a fast paced course.

We had a campfire for the full moon, and we sang songs. I like to sing songs. Here is one of my two favorite camp songs:

You get a line, I'll get a pole, honey.
You get a line, I'll get a pole, baby.
You get a line, I'll get a pole, we'll go down to the fishing hole,
honey, oh babe, be mine.

See that crawdad struttin' around, honey.
See that crawdad struttin' around, baby.
See that crawdad struttin' around, thinks he's mayor of crawdad town,
honey, oh babe, be mine.

Watcha gonna do hen the well runs dry, honey?
Watcha gonna do when the well runs dry, baby?
Watcha gonna do when the well runs dry, sit there watch them crawdads die,
honey, oh babe, be mine.

I like it partly because I get to use my southern accent, but mainly because of the part about the mayor of crawdad town. That part seems really precise and evocative.

Also, here are the camp songs that I really don't care for, they are the lengthy community building version of cliches:
Banana slug
home on the range
the one that might be called mm m, and the other songs about transitions.

And next topic:
My favorite artist is my Dad, and after that myself, but the artist whose work I like best is Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali was a genius, much better than the other painters, even the ones who tried their very best, like Mattise.

My friend Charlotte, who is very smart, got me a book of postcards printed with dali's work. (I got her a window I had made to look like a spider web with a spider and flies, and put it in a pig gift bag that was too small, and when she opened it it was broken, so she let me use her epoxy, which may or may not have worked as I left it alone after that) I think I mailed one of the postcards to my grandmother, I took out the ones with the elephants with trailing legs and I carried them around with me to look at, and today I used my leftover (from the scrabble japan board I am making) scrapbooking tiles (they are clear plastic stickers with beveled edges) to make dali postcard jewelry.

I would take their picture, but I think since I will be wearing them every day and Dad puts my picture here every couple of mnths, you will see them in time, in action!

And, okay, here is the materials list:
-plastic jumprope
-scrapbooking stickers
-20 gauge wire from ACE Hardware

so you see, it was not a very expensive project, but it looks amazing, if overwhelming.
If you are a little bit jealous you can tell me your address and I will mail you a postcard. (I could even stick a few leftover plastic tiles to it if you live in antarctica or wherever and can't find a craft shop.) If you are extremely jealous you should reflect on the excellent non material things that make your life great.

Seriously, wrapping things in wire is my hobby. Today I made a tree out of weird clay that you mix two kinds together so it will harden. THe tree is to paint silver and hang jewelry on. It was sort of frustrating to make, as trees are sort of hard for me to visualize. But it was kind of fun finding objects to prop up the different branches.

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