Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So today I saw Art School Confidential, which was really good, I really had fun watchign it and once I had watched it I felt really funny and interesting, which is a nice feeling. So go and see it. But not right now, because you are about to see something mind boggling. Boggling. Pretty much unbelievable. Your mind will completely reject it at first, it is so amazing.

Here it is. Guess what it is. Guess. Guess now, before it is too late and you spoil it by reading what it is and then you have to lie to yourself and say "I was going to guess that" when REALLY you have no way of knowing whether you were.

So I got home from Art School Confidential and I realize that I have got to pee, which is pretty standard following consumption of as much cherry coke as I can lift. I love cherry coke. So, bathroom. And I am in the bathroom, and the top of my toilet is suddenly a movie set for a movie about giants, with a tiny shower and all, and it was crazy!

There it is. The tiny amazing thing. Tiny and amazing.
It redirects water from the wall (that would have flowed into the toilet) to a little faucet. To activate it you flush the toilet. That is why you don't see anything to turn it on with.

And this is it when you flush the toilet. Yay!

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