Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bathroom count

Here's a quick census of the bathroom situation:

1 full bath (bath/shower, toilet and sink)
1 bathing room (bath and sink)
2 water closets (toilets only. Yep, no sinks. I keep my penis clean, but I still like to wash my hands after)
1 something that was once a water closet (sewage hole in floor, a sink, and the new forced-air furnace).

I jokingly told Xena that the easiest solution was to set up a composting toilet in the backyard. She surprised me by agreeing that seemed like a pretty good solution. Maybe she was calling my bluff? Or maybe she's broken, from flexing and bending so much? Or perhaps, she's really willing and able to change and grow towards where I am at, and re-invigorate our marriage?

We've purchased a pair of those integrated sink and toilet tank tops from Real Goods, so that the two toilet rooms will function as true water closets. I'll show pics after they arrive and I put them on the toilet tank.

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