Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sustainability Sunday: Easter with Mom

I probably have no business trying to invent a post for today. I spent most of yesterday recovering my humanity after going mildly crazy during the last part of moving out. We managed to keep the kids going to school and with the help of our friends everyone stayed fed...

In the last 72 hours of the move-out, things just went crazy. Xena had to go back to work, our friends Ron and Dannielle kept wondering what else they could do to help, and Xena and I were getting about 3 or at most 4 hours of sleep each night. We still didn't do a very good job cleaning all the way out of the house. I might have written already that it cost more to throw out our rubbish than the expense of storing the stuff we are keeping? I think I was dancing along the edge of sanity for the better part of two days. Ugh.

I feel like a big part of sustainability is rebuilding our family connections. As I sit here writing on my Mom's ancient Win-95 computer, I am surrounded by the things that matter to her: pictures of her children and their families, of her extended family, and even of the people she has adopted as family up here in the foothills of Mount Lassen. My heart warmed, Easter Sunday Mass, seeing how many community members are part of my Mom's current circle of friends.

This is a good season to reflect on Resurrection. Christ came out of the tomb, because his time there was done. I feel now very much as though coming out of Sandra's house is like coming out of the tomb. It couldn't hold me and my dreams anymore. I've come back to my restorative place, and I'm eager to get back to my life and see what happens next.

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