Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Today I learned things about water that I never even thought to question. Apparently, an Austrian named Viktor Shauberger observed water one hundred years ago more closely than his peers and went on to invent devices, nay, entire technologies, that still baffle "scientific" thought. He's Tesla, for water.

He felt water was alive. He also felt that the way we use water, kills it. Don't get hung up on the language, now. Just consider this small thing: water, the universal solvent, holds dissolved minerals and gasses. If you drink glacial melt water, you are drinking water carrying a nice load of "energy" from both the sky and the deep earth. The water delivers what your body needs to your tissues. If you drink distilled water, the water leaches minerals from your body. That's similar to a "living" organism taking what it needs from the environment. So I'm not going to argue with Viktor.

Interestingly, Xena looked surprised that I could consider water non-living. Just as quickly, she began to wonder why she assumed it was living.

The main point in all permaculture is to work with resources, rather than against them. Viktor's observation that water flows in a helix when it is "healthy" is a worthwhile image to hold when designing water systems.

More later...

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