Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dinner with Mariposa Grove (housing update)

I took my family to communal dinner at the retrofit co-housing group that we could become part of. I think everyone got along fine. My own perception is that my family is the weakest link, but Nicholas fits in so well (as though he's come home) that he surely off-sets any static Xena and I show up with. Since we're currently part of the larger, dysfunctional world, I guess it's surprising that we are as gentle as we are and able to blend with an existing intentional community.

Nicholas offered Grace for the meal, and did a superb job. I felt it was perfectly non-denominational and reverent (even had he been twice his age). He came to us this way; mostly our job as parents has been to keep him safe. He's got a strong sense of who he is and how to harmonize with others already.

Caitlan impressed people with her tales of life at her charter high school. Xena sat where I couldn't hear what she talked about. I was wearing ashes, so got to speak about being Catholic a bit.

There was a bit of tension at dinner; something was up with the community. But there was a stronger undercurrent of respect and commitment. They trust their system of forging resolutions when the community is out of balance. I think I could quite easily be an asset to this group of people. I also feel that parts of me would be restored, dwelling among them.

Your prayers that I find a way to buy Yusef's house are greatly appreciated at this time.

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